Monday, March 11, 2013

I am epically awesome....and a douche bag

Sometimes I really am a douche bag. I mean here’s an awesome blogger My Life As Lucille awarding me with the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness and what do I do…..I wait for like 3 weeks to accept it…I am in a way a bloghole but more of an asshole. So without waiting even more and having her take it away here it is.

The Rules For The Epically Awesome Award of Awesomeness

1. Tell 10 epic and/or awesome facts about yourself. That's it
2. Pass this onto to 10 other epically awesome bloggers

10 things I think might be epic, awesome or whatever

about me or not depending on your opinion

1. I am a clean freak. I have been one since I was about 16. When I was younger my mom was the clean freak and all I kept thinking about was the day that I could move out and live in my own filth without anyone telling me to clean up. Of course by the time I got old enough to move out I had already gotten the disease and I actually couldn’t wait to move out cause my mom was no longer clean to my standards. She’s a clean woman don’t get me wrong but I went thru this phase of my life where I would be down on all fours cleaning square by square of our kitchen floor first with Alex, than Mr. Clean and at the end with Windex to give it a shine. Of course now that I have kids they don't allow me to be a clean freak and that drives me crazy...a lot of times.

2. I graduated High School on time. I know this doesn’t seem like a big achievement and if my kids put this one day as an achievement I will kick they little sh*t butts cause HELLO ass you’re suppose to graduate on time. But I’m proud of this because (even though my High School wasn’t bad it is/was average) out of the 5 girls that I hung with I’m the only one that graduated on time. So there I’m proud of that.

3. I’ve been published just like My Life As Lucille except on a smaller scale. Back when I was in my early 20’s I had notice for a couple of years (and it still happens today) that the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza is taken down on the 6th of January every year. The 6th of January happens to be Christmas Eve for my religion (Greek Orthodox, no I’m not Greek that is just my religion) so it got me thinking were the organizers of The Christmas Tree doing this on purpose (I found our later no they aren’t, there’s an actual reason for this but I forgot what it is and I’m too lazy to Google now). Anyway the local newspaper had a page dedicated to “Voice of the People” and it was basically a page that printed almost anything and everything an individual wanted to write about either a complaint or compliment for New York. Well I wrote something like “Why is the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza taken down every year on January 6th? Last time I checked Catholicism is not the only religion in New York or the world?” and they published it!

4. I gave birth to a 9.3oz baby. NO NOT NATURALLY…CAN YOU IMAGINE. Why is this epic…well because 1. I say so and 2. because I’m 5’5” and was (notice was) 115lbs and after my 7th month people who saw me on the street either thought I was carrying twins (no just one baby), was due any day now (no I had two more months to go) and when the last two would be said to them they would look at me like “OMG this girl is going to explode” and they would get this look of pure horror in their eyes.

5. I was prom queen in High School. No I wasn’t chosen by the people it was one of those things where before you entered prom you had to put your name on a piece of paper and if they pulled out your name YOU WIN! Well there I was sitting at my table and they start calling names and they get to queen and said a name that sounded like mine but there was another girl there that had a similar name so I thought they were calling her name. So I just sit there. Than they say the name again and my friend is like that’s you and I’m like no it’s not and than I notice the whole senior glass is staring at me and the lights are on me and I was OH SHIT I WON….BTW this is the only thing I’ve won EVER in my life….I’ll take winning the lottery over winning this…I’ll trade whoever is in charge (not really….yes really)

6. I am one of the most sarcastic people EVER. Family & friends have been telling me this for years, my older son started noticing this recently and doesn’t appreciate it much but he’ll come around….they all do. It’s contagious.  Also I make people laugh ALL THE TIME.

Apparently I’m not so epic or awesome I can’t think of anything beyond this point.

Ok ok I got a few more

7. I’m an awesome cook. I know this because my husband used to be skinny and now he’s not. I know this because the last time my friends came over and I was feeling lazy and decided to order pizza my son and my friend’s son both complain and demanded that I must cook next time because my cooking is awesome!

8. I am a great friend. I’ve maintained a friendship with 4 girls for the last 19 years (for those counting since we were 15). We made it thru teenage years and early 20’s and we’re close as can be.

9. I’m still married and a mother of two kids. Why is the epic….because I am amazed and ohsoproud of myself that for how long them 3 have driven me crazy on almost daily basis I still haven’t killed them or run away to the wonderful and beautiful beaches of Hawaii…that’s why its epic & awesome!!!

10. I’m a great (a little obsessed) fan of FUN. I know this has nothing to do with the award but I couldn’t think of anything else and I’ll use any excuse to talk about them.

10 Bloggers I think are also Epically Awesome


  1. Well done. #10 was my favorite. Of course.

  2. You are totally epically awesome!
    And I've got one more award for ya!