Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm all over the place

A little over a month ago I started blogging. I did it because I read so many great blogs and realized I got some stuff to say also and I really didn't want any family and close friends to read what I have to say. They're some of my best material but they might not appreciate all that I have to say so since my husband doesn’t listen to me I figured who better than a total stranger.

I had no idea what the hell I was doing (truth be told I still don't). I see all these bloggers with the fancy titles, backgrounds and big words and I have no idea how to do any of them but I'm learning.

As I was going thru all these blogs I noticed that most of them have Twitter and Facebook....shit. So bravely I opened a Twitter account and prayed that at least one person follows me....I got 29 so far!! That's a great achievement that 29 strangers like what I say.....thank you, thank you kindly. Of course as soon as I joined twitter many twitters (is that the correct term) link their stuff to Facebook because Twitter only allows 140 characters. This also made me realize that Twitter wasn't invented by a woman, I can't say a decent good morning in 140 characters or less). Shit again, Facebook it is. After some initial trouble (I told you I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I'M DOING) I now have a Facebook account. Does this make me cool or a complete dork?

So if you’re bored & have nothing to do or you “like” & follow so many other pages what’s one more come and see my Facebook and Twitter. I’m really excited to start this new journey and hope you will also….ok now I sound like a complete dork.



Monday, October 22, 2012

How did this happen???

Why are our kids so damn spoiled? I remember growing up and seeing kids in supermarkets or department stores throwing tantrums when they didn’t get something they wanted. I always said this will never happen to me when I have kids. You see those kids that have everything and have absolutely not appreciation for toys. They know that mom and dad will get them whatever toy they want sooner or later (most likely sooner). I being a naïve young woman myself always thought I will never raise my kids to be like this. They will know who the boss is. They will know to want a toy and wait for Christmas or their birthday to get it. Once they get that toy they will appreciate it and be truly happy that they finally got it. They will behave when I take them to the store. There will be no tantrum throwing at my house. I had planned to rule with an iron fist all the while being a gentle mom who my kids can one day say when mom and dad said no toys there were no toys and we were happy when we finally got a toy. Than I had kids and I realize now all that thinking was a bunch of bull crap. My kids are spoiled little brats.

I hate my kids when they do this to me at the store. Just one toy mom, just one, JUST OOONNNEEEE!!!

How did they become like this? What happened to the iron fist? What happen to “they will know who’s in charge”? What the fuck happen? I don’t understand how we got to this point. I never wanted kids that I got. I always looked at those kids and blamed the parents. Surely they were at fault. Kids don’t become spoiled on their own… they? My thinking was we raised them right they would be nice, well mannered kids.

The one on the right would be mine, the one of the left is what I got

My husband and I grew up not poor but not rich. We also grew up in Europe. I came to American when I was 10 and my husband when he was in his early twenties (I brought him here…a story for another post). We had a handful of toys throughout our childhood and we were HAPPY! I recall having a nice childhood. Playing with my friends with the few toys we had. We also played a lot outside which seems to be a foreign concept to kids these days. All they want it to stay inside and play video games or toys and maybe sometimes go to the park.

Take this weekend for instance. First let me take you back to about a week ago. The 7yr old asked me if he could have a new BeyBlade toy. I said we’ll see once he got his spelling test back. On Saturday we bought for both of the boys the new Skylander video game. Than on Saturday night the 7yr old says to me so can we go tomorrow and get the BeyBlade toy. I’m like WHAT!!! First he didn't even get his spelling test back AND I just spent over $100 on a video game that comes with all these figurines; I am not buying you another toy. So he gets mad at me like it’s my fault that I didn’t tell him that he wasn’t getting a BeyBlade toy and the Skylander video game. Fucking kids (that’s right I said just like we’ve all thought it before). Ugh they get me so frustrated!

After much debate (why do we need to debate!!!) it has been decided that he will get the BeyBlade for Christmas. This is complete bullshit. These kids have no appreciation for ANYTHING!!! All they know is I WANT, I WANT, I WANT. 

Sometime during all this debating and negotiating I realized that it’s all our fault. No matter how much we didn’t want or didn’t intend we have raised spoiled little brats. Kids that I despised when I was younger have turned into my kids. Why and how did this happen to us? We’re good people with good values. We were raised the right way and yet here we are with kids that throw tantrums in stores when they don’t get what they want, that EXPECT new toys all the time even thought they don’t play with them and have absolutely no concept of really wanting a toy.

This is not how I wanted my kids to be. Kids like this grow up to be asshole adults who expect everything to be served to them on a gold platter. I want my kids to know that you have to fight for the good things in life. To appreciate the small things and damn it to respect the fact that not everyone has everything. I know at heart they are good kids. They do share all their toys with their friends. They help as much as they can at home and my 7yr old is an excellent student in school. I'm mostly scared that they will turn into rotten adults that we see everyday that we all hate. I don't want anyone to hate my kids they're my babies.  

I know what has to be done….burn all their toys (just half kidding…haha). Seriously I know that it’s up to my husband and I to take responsibility for the brats that we have and it’s our job to right the wrong and make these kids into productive members of society. Stay tuned I’ll let you know how it works out.

Tell me are you kids spoiled or were they in the past? What did you do?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ahhh its Monday!!!!

Why do people say good morning on a Monday? What is so great about Monday? Yes I know, I’m alive, my kids are alive, blah blah blah. Let me tell you why saying Good Morning on a Monday is not such a good idea.

On Saturday my kids woke me up early. It was before 8 AM. During the weekdays when I wake them up for school it’s like pulling a tooth not just a tooth but more like a wisdom tooth but on the weekends they wake up early (I swear I think they plan this as a payback). So we’re up before 8 AM. I stumble to the bathroom to put my contact lenses so I don’t mistake the salt for sugar. I’ve barley had two sips of coffee and the joys of my life have already started with demands. Mom when is breakfast, what’s for breakfast, mom can I play you phone. Mooooommmmm I had the remote control first tell him to give it back!!!! I try to ignore them by chanting to myself “you are alone”. However when you have a kid in your face saying mom, mom, moooommmm you just realize you will never be alone again. Breakfast done and they are dressed we had off to not 1 but 3 different stores for food shopping. While we’re driving from one store to the next the 7yr old is complaining how many more stores, are we done yet, Ohhhmygawd are you kidding me I can’t take another store, I want to go home. While the 4yr old is all let’s go to another store, more stores yeeaaahhh!!! I’m not sure how these two are related.

When all shopping is done we head home. I attempt to give them lunch while trying to clean up the house for what feels like 100th time today and we haven’t even been home for that long. I’m not sure but I’m sure I’ve told them many many times that all plastic wraps, plastic bottles and any other garbage should be thrown in the garbage NOT ON THE FLOOR. Yet I always find flattened water bottles on the floor. I think they think if they make them flat enough they will disappear into the floor….WRONG mommy has to pick them up.

So after lunch, cleaning up, washing dishes and the kids begging me to make jello I’m going to try to relax. At the point hubs gets the hint and takes them out for an hour. A hole hour people, the house to myself. So I think what should I do, drink coffee without intereptions, take a bath, watch a movie…NOPE I DO WHAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT THIN TO ME….SLEEP. I slept during the day!!! I haven’t done that since the early 2000’s.

Now please understand that I love my friends. I cherish my friendship that I have formed years ago with them. Its only a few of us but we can talk to each other about anything and the friendships are forever. However there are just times when I don’t feel like going to one of their houses. Nothing against them I just want to put my kids to bed early on a Saturday and maybe watch a movie. Of course I feel guilty when my friend calls and says come over so we pile into the car and we’re off. The good part about going to a friends house at night…..mommy doesn’t have to cook dinner. Truth be told I had a nice time. She has kids my own kids age and they all played together for hours and left me and her to catch up on all the gossip and complaining.

On Sunday we went to the mall for 5 HOURS. That’s right the hubs and I took 2 small kids to the mall for 5 hours. To be honest I’m not sure how we survived either. Probably because my husband had the good sense to search the whole mall till he found one of these.

After I got home cleaned again and started dinner. At this point hubs friend calls and says he needs help with something so of course being a good friend he goes off to help him while I’m lucky enough to stay home with them. I have got to find friends that need my help. So all is going well. Dinner is going to be on time, than bath and last off to bed. When holy hell I remember the 7yr old didn’t do his homework. Why did I leave this for the last moment….oh that’s right because I’m so darn tired on Friday that I can’t imagine doing homework. So I pry him away from his video game. He finishes homework, they eat dinner, bath time and off to bed and I finally get to be in bed some time after 12. I’m up this morning at 6 to wash the dishes that I couldn’t last night, iron their and my clothes and wake them up and here I am at my glorious job.

Of course I’m tired and of course I have a shit load of work. I can’t even catch up on my mommy blogs.

Here’s to another wonderful week and please DO NOT SAY GOOD MORNING ON A MONDAY!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Kids, My World

It’s Friday and lets me honest no one wants to be at work. So it was around 2 in the afternoon, I was pretty much done with my work for today (or at least as much as I was planning to do) and when I’m bored with nothing to do I go surfing the net. I have my usual places that I like to go and one of them is As soon as I opened it one of the first stories that I saw was this.

I opened it up and started reading it and let me tell you it almost made me bless my work table in a way that no one would want to see.

I’ve been a mom for the past 7 years to two boys. Throughout that time there have been some really good times and some really bad times. I’ve spent I can’t remember how many nights not sleeping, cleaning up vomit of the floor, couch, bed and other objects in my home. My house has been shitted and pissed on more times and places than I care to mention. There have been times when I was so stressed out I was beside myself as to what to do. It can get very frustrating when your baby is up at 3 in the morning and no amount of rocking, singing, feeding, changing or anything else can make him stop screaming like someone was tearing out his skin. It can be very nerve wrecking 1) because as a parent we just want to be there for our kids and make all bad things go away and 2) because damn it we want to sleep.

Now that they are older I have to deal with the 7yr olds constant homework. Almost every night when I say homework time it's “mom my stomach hurts, head hurts, arm hurts and other body parts (he’s creative that he doesn’t use the same thing everyday), or “mom, I’m so tired I can’t keep my eyes open” and of course the ever “I HATE HOMEWORK, STUPID HOMEWORK, WHY DO I HAVE TO DO IT?” My 4yr old is still in his tantrum throwing faze (how long do these last???) so I get a daily dose of “I hate you or I don’t love you anymore” every time I don’t give him something he wants. My precious little angel.

On the other hand there have been some wonderful times. When my kids first started walking, I'll never forget their first steps. I was so happy and scared that they would fall. The first time they said “mama” and even now 7 years later I sometimes stop and my heart is filled with love every time they say mom. I love how their brains are developing and the questions that they ask. I’m taken back sometimes with some of the things that they say or ask and I’m like “how did you even know that?” It makes me realize that they’re growing up and they’re looking to me and my husband for answers and sometimes we know them and sometimes we don’t but they’re our kids and we’re trying our best. I feel completely blessed to have my two boys. I love my kids more than anything in this world and I wouldn’t change one single thing. Yes there are hard times but there are so many wonderful times and my kids mean the world to me. I chose to have them. I didn’t have to but I wanted them and I’m willing to sacrifice sleep, a clean house and free moments all to myself just for them.

So when I opened up and saw this article the anger and nauseating feelings that came over me were just too much. This woman tortured her child to the point of almost killing her. The article says that she glued this little (2yrs old) girls hands to the wall because of trouble with potty training. Really potty training???? My 4yr old didn’t go potty till he was 3 ½ and my older didn’t want to do #2 in the toilet till he was past 4. The mother said she was under a lot of stress and just wanted some alone time. Really like that’s any different than what we all want??? I get it 5 kids can be a lot. I have 2 and it’s sometimes a lot but that’s no excuse to beat the shit out of them. Go to the bathroom, have wine (lots and lots of wine or something even stronger) but do not as the District Judge said “savagely beat” your kids. I’ll admit I have spanked my kids a couple of times when they got really out of control but never “kicked my kids in the stomach, beat them with a milk jug and than clued their hands to the wall with Super Glue” like the mother did. She says she’s not a monster but to me only a monster can do things like that to their own kids. Say what you will but I’m glad she got 99 years in jail and hope she never sees the light of day and that those kids get someone who loves them and can show them that life can be full of love, laughter and joy and not a parent that uses drugs at least twice a day even thought she doesn’t have enough money for food and rent.

I don’t like to judge other peoples lives, everyone lives the way it fits best for them. What works for me might not work for you but this article just bothered me so much I had to share my feelings.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to pack up my stuff for the day and go hug and kiss my kids, tell them that I love them!!! After that open up some wine and get ready for another fun filled weekend!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I would like to take you back in time to November 2004. I had just started working at a small firm that specialized in executive job placement (it’s just a fancy name for a job agency). They prided themselves with being very sophisticated and fancy with job placements of CFO’s, CCO and other high-end jobs. I found myself being very thankful for the job since the pay was nice compare to my other jobs and the people including the boss were very nice. I remember coming home almost every night and telling my husband how happy I was at this new job and how great these people were. His response was most of the time be careful no one is that nice all the time, something is wrong. I shrug it off as him being jealous of me having a good job that I loved (I should have listened to him more, probably the only time he was right).

Anyway all thru November and December things were wonderful. The Christmas Party at the fancy restaurant and even my bosses understanding that I wasn’t feeling well after the Christmas party and wasn’t able to come in (in my defense I think something was wrong with the food and not that I had too much to drink. Yes I could tolerate my alcohol at that time and I only had 2 glasses of wine so I don’t think I got drunk from that but nevertheless the next day I felt completely like shit and I had to call in sick. Please notice that I said I could tolerate my alcohol, past tense. Since I’ve had my kids my body can no longer tolerate alcohol, although you would think that with two kids I would have become a full time alcoholic. Maybe that’s why I’m always stressed out…not enough alcohol in my system, I’ll have to experiment and report back to you. Also sometime later I realized I was pregnant at that time and I think my son was not happy about the wine. I was so relived that my boss was very understanding, probably because the bitch was totally drunk everyday after 3:00. She even gave me a very generous bonus considering that I had only been there for 2 months and not to mention that everyone made me feel so welcomed and praised me daily how grateful they were to have found me. Of course my ego was blow up like a blimp, whose wouldn’t?

New Year came and went and Welcome to 2005. Sometime around the middle of January I notice that in the morning when I woke up my stomach wasn’t as flat as it usually is. On a side note I’m a pretty skinny girl but my main problem has always been my stomach and I become obsessed with having a flat stomach (not obsessed to the point of working on, forget that shit I hate working out, but to the point that I had mastered the art of sucking in my stomach for later parts of the day when it would blow up). So anyway I started noticing that it was still a bump in the morning and one morning I downed on me HOLY SHIT AM I PREGNANT? I really wasn’t ready to be a mom yet. My husband and I just got married some months earlier and we were still trying to get our shit together, this was just not the right time. I went to work and after bought one of those at home pregnancy test. Went to the bathroom and peed on the stick and waited the appropriate 5 minutes to see. I looked and of course it had the positive sign and at that moment it was like the heavens opened up and I’M GOING TO BE A MOM. I can’t describe to you the feelings that I felt at the moment. Nothing else mattered, I just wanted this baby. I know we weren’t financially, mentally or any other way ready to be parents but something happened and I was prepared to kill anyone that harmed my baby. My husband was equally happy but we were at the same time scared shitless. This was a human life we were going to be responsible for, but we wanted this baby so much so we said one day at a time we’ll find a way to make this work.

I went to the doctor a couple of days later and had it confirmed by a doctor and so I began my pregnancy period.

On the day I decided to tell my boss I was soooo nervous. I loved my job and was really scared how she was going to react to the fact that I was pregnant and had only worked for the company about 3 ½ months. At that point I wasn’t even thinking about maternity leave (see young and naïve….idiot). So here is how our conversation when. Please keep in mind I don’t like to ever refer to woman as a cunt but this woman deserves nothing less.

Me: Good morning Mrs. ….

Cunt: Oh hi ….., good morning, how are you?  How was your weekend?

Me: Nice, nothing special. How was yours?

Cunt: Nice, I went (she was very rich and always did these extravagant things)

Me: Um, I have to talk to you about something.  I found out sometime last week that I am pregnant.

Cunt: Huh, um ok. Are you sure?

Me: Yes, I did at home pregnancy test and I also had it confirmed by my doctor.

Cunt: I see, are you going to keep it?

(I kid you not this is what she said…keep reading it gets better.)
When she said this to me my first thought was What The Fuck did you just ask me, but I said

Me: Yes

Cunt: I have to tell you that I am quite surprised and have you never head of a condom or other forms of protection. You’re a grown woman and you should be more responsible.


Me: Um ok. I am married and my husband and I were planning to start a family soon so we weren’t using protection for that reason.

Cunt: Is this your first pregnancy? I mean first first?

(Where is this BITCH going with this question?)

Me: Yes it is.

Cunt: I just want to let you know that I had 5 miscarriages and you shouldn’t hold onto too much hope of this being a successful pregnancy. I’m not saying that you will definitely have a miscarriage I just want you to keep that in mind.

(At this point I wanted to leap over her desk, grab her by her FUCKING THROAT AND CHOKE THE SHIT OUT OF HER ALL THE WHILE YELLING YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT HOW DARE YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO ME. ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY? This woman had some major issues and I realized that very quickly otherwise no sane human would say something like that).

Me: Um, thank you for the advice. (What the hell could I have said)

At this point I left the office because I felt if I hadn’t I really would have done some real damage to her. She never said congratulations. I know you're probably thinking that I'm either exaggerating or completely lying but believe me I'm not. This woman really said all these things to me.

Needless to say the next 6 months were hell to work there. I knew right from the moment I told her I was pregnant and by her reaction that I would stop working there as soon as my baby was born. The stress that she put on me was unbearable at times. The only reason I had to keep the job was 1. The insurance, I had it and my husband’s job didn’t offer it 2. I need a job, a baby was coming that cost a lot of money and 3. I was truly afraid for good reason that no one would hire a woman that was pregnant. So I took her verbal abuse and prayed for the day to come that I could stop working and NEVER EVER LAY MY EYES ON HER. During my time there she complained to me and everyone else about my eating (apparently eating breakfast and lunch at my desk was a big no no, although everyone else was doing it and me as well until I got pregnant, I wasn’t wearing enough dresses, I wasn’t wearing enough make-up, I was wearing stilettos only flat shoes and the list goes on and on. In all fairness I did get back at her in my own way by not giving A RATS ASS and doing everything she was complaining about. I stopped wearing make up, I ate whenever I could, wore only flat shoes and a bunch of other things she hated but I knew that until my baby was born she wouldn’t dare fire me.

Once I entered my 7th month she gave me a months worth of salary in advance to leave. To be honest at that point I was huge and happy to go. I took the money, filed for unemployment and stood home the last 2 months before the baby was born. It was a wonderful time. I got to sleep in and really prepare the babies room. My wonderful baby boy was born in September!!!

It has been many years since I last saw her but I wonder from time to time if I should go and visit her and tell her exactly how I feel. It will do not use but it might make me feel better or maybe wait for her late at night and REALLY LET HER KNOW HOW I FEEL. What do you think?

On a nicer note when I got pregnant with my second son and had to tell my current employer I was so nervous since I already had a bad experience previously. I walked into my bosses office and started tell her that I’m pregnant and than proceeded to cry. The first thing she said was OH CONGRATULATIONS, THAT’S WONDERFUL NEWS and than asked what I was crying. I told her some of the story of the previous lady and she assured me that this company was not like that and they would do everything they could to make me feel comfortable during my pregnancy. True to her word she did and that is why I am still here today.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Simple But So Delicious Dinner

If you're like me (a working parent or just a busy parent) we're always looking to make a fast dinner and yet try to make in nutritious for the kiddies. I always try to make something quick. I get home around 5:30 and need to have dinner made, eaten, homework done, shower and have the kids in bed by 9. That means no long complicated meals for our house (we leave that for the weekends when I have time). I made a very simple and fast (30 min) meal tonight and I must say it was ohhh so delicious. Here are the ingredients and steps. I'm sure some of you have made at least some variation of this so here is my recipe

1.      Cook some small eggshell pasta and set aside ( I did about 3/4 of a box for a family of 4 and I'm still left with some to take to work tomorrow...whose happy....that's right yours truly)

2.      Like I said before I try to do quick meals so I breaded the chicken cutlets last night and put it in the refrigerator for today. BTW I never tried this before for fear it would not taste good sitting all night and most of the next day in bread crumbs but surprise it takes just as good as if I had made it fresh now. I also use the Italian Seasoning instead of plain. I find that it definitely has more flavor. So fry the chicken.

Happy chicken frying

Chicken Done

3.      Cut up some garlic, about 7 cloves and dice them very small.

4. Once the chicken is done put some olive oil in a pan, put the garlic and let is simmer for like 20 sec and than put the pasta, salt, garlic power, parsley flakes and about half cup of water. Toss the pasta around and viola you have a quick and delicious dinner tonight.

Dinner done, mommy very happy :)))