Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fuck you

Fuck you. This has to be my favorite fucking word(s). I use it a lot. In honor of the letter F in ABC’s of Swearing there are some people I would like to say Fuck You to.
Disclaimer: There's A LOT of cursing in this post. If you are offended stop reading and come  back another day when there will be less.

Fuck you boss. Fuck you for being an asshole and lazy and making me do work that you should be doing. Fuck you for making me miss lunch for the last 3 weeks because I have to do your work on top of all mine. Fuck you.

Fuck you people on the train. Fuck you for not waiting for me to get out before you decide to get it because God forbid you don’t get a seat to put your big ass on. Fuck you people who walk the wrong way going up and down the stairs. Stay to your right at all times. It’s simple and everyone knows it. You’re not more special than me and I have to get to where ever I’m going just as much as you do. Fuck you.

Fuck you to my kids school. Fuck you for giving my son one sheet of homework per night and calling it homework. Fuck you for putting my son in a classroom full of kids who are clearly behind. Fuck you for allowing some parents to do their kids homework (verified by my son and teacher…yes I know, fuck you) and still promoting those kids to the next grade same way as my son whose had to do his own homework since Kindergarten. Fuck you for thinking this is the way to teach kids and think this will make them productive members of society. Fucking you for making me find and print out extra sheets so that my son’s brain can be more developed so that one day he can be something other than a homeless person. Fuck you.

Fuck you to the tenants in our building (my husband is a superintendent). Fuck you for knocking at my door at all hours of the day and night thinking that we have no life so of course I want to hear about a tiny problem that you have at 11:30 at night or better yet at 6 in the morning because you can’t do it during the day. That would make life way too easy for us. Fuck you

Fuck you to my mom (yes I said my mom). Fuck you for the last 24 years since we’ve come to America. Fuck you for putting your job first and me last. Fuck you making me do laundry (walking about a mile back and forth to the laundry mat), clean house, make my own breakfast and lunch, make dinner for both of us (most of the time), paying bills and staying home alone since I was 11. Fuck you for doing all this for the might dollar. Fuck you for making me help you out with your bills & food since I was 19 with my tiny salary because you didn’t want to waste your thousands. Fuck you for making me feel guilty about wanting to move to California to go to college so I stayed. Fuck you for not being there for me when I needed you when my kids were born.  Fuck you for leaving the country and moving to another country that you don't know anyone when you decided to retire so that you can relax and not staying to help me out (NOT FINANCIALLY) like all the other mother’s and father’s that we know. Fuck you for thinking that this is ok. IT’S NOT! Fuck you for wondering why I would not want to talk to you. Let me give you a hint: you haven’t been my mother for the last 24 years. Fuck you.

Fuck you to my husband. Fucking you for expecting me to do everything with little help from you. Fuck you for making me feel like I’m a single mother with THREE kids.  Fuck you for deciding you’re not going to do something and leaving it for me to do because let’s be honest someone has to do it. Fuck you.

Fuck you to my kids. Fuck you for driving me crazy because you fight all the time. Fuck you for not listening. Fuck you for not eating your food. Fuck you for not cleaning your room. Fuck you for crying for every tiny thing. Fuck you for making me feel guilty when I yell at you and making me cry (they don't make me feel guilty I make myself). Fuck you for making me love you so much that I worry all the time and would love nothing more than to lock you up and never let you out so I can keep you safe. Fuck you

Fuck you to me. Fuck you for not going to college and having your dream job (lawyer) and making decent money so you don't have to count every.single.dollar all.the.time. Fuck you for smoking. Fuck you for smoking (yes I know I put that twice). Fuck you for being a bitch to people who sometimes don't deserve it and not being one to those that do. Fuck you

Fuck you life. Fuck you for making EVERY.FUCKING.THING.SO. HARD. Fuck you for not giving me a break. Fuck you.

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  1. Wow! How good did THAT feel? Fuck all of them from me, too. Especially your mother! (Haha, how often can I get away with that?)

    1. That felt more than good. I felt so much better after I wrote this. Almost to the point of not wanting to publish it...almost! I'm with you about the mother. I really should do a post to explain the whole thing more.

  2. I bet you feel so much fucking better!

    Fuck your Mom! Fuck my Mom. Fuck Lucy's Mom. Fuck shitty Moms.

    -The Insomniacs Dream

    1. So much better! Really fuck shitty moms. Let's all be better and show them how moms are supposed to be!

  3. Okay THIRD TIME writing this is a charm right? Okay so I totally get behiind you on all this....Even the mom thing... and I flick off my husband regularly typically behind his back because when I do it to his face he says yes please....

    Chronically sick and sometimes manic mother...who is also now cranky