Friday, June 28, 2013

It's My Birthday - A Little More About Me

On a sunny Thursday, June 28, 1979 a baby girl was born at 7:00 AM. Yes me, I’m officially 34 (not that I’ve been looking forward to this birthday)!! Being that today is my birthday (and I will cry if I want to and I did cause my mid-morning was really shitty; thanks mom for calling me and trying to ruin my day) I thought I would write down some things about me

What I’m proud of:

Always and forever since 2005 the number one and two on my top things I’ve accomplished, things I’m proud of, things I would never ever change in my life will be my two boys. They are my greatest joy and my greatest pride.

From all the boyfriends I’ve had (and no there weren’t that many) I’ve only been dumped once. I know this is not a great accomplishment but no one likes to be dumped.

In keep with the above theme I’ve also only been fired once.

Since I was 21 and with two pregnancies and having two big babies (older boy 9.3lbs; younger 8.3lbs) I’ve only gained 10 pounds. I’ve been also trying to lose those 10 extra pounds since 2009.

I’ve never had a major car accident. I only had two minor; so minor that neither of the cars were damaged both times and my last accident was 14 years ago.

Despite my awkwardness I’ve managed to maintain a friendship with 5 girls for the last 20 years. And not just friends really really good friends.

Being a good employee. With the couple of jobs I’ve had (with the exception of the place that fired me; it was them not me) I’ve always had my bosses tell me that I’m a really good employee.

One of my best friends had her twins on my birthday. When she got pregnant and told me her due date (July 14th) I said to her well if you go early (since they were twins and that can happen sometimes) you should have them on my birthday. So as the months progressed and her doctor started suggesting that she might go early I kept telling her it was going to be on my birthday and sure enough June 28 of last year. I know this has nothing to do with me but it’s my birthday I get to decided what’s special for me.

What I’m not proud of:

I’ve been a smoker for almost 20 years

I’ve gotten drunk (like really drunk) about 10 times. Of those 10 for one of those times I don’t remember much of the night, 2 times I crawled on all fours to get to my second floor apartment and ALL OF THOSE TIMES I’ve thrown up a lot more than I ingested. (This is all before kids.)

I never finished college

Yelling at my kids (sometimes more than I should). Afterwards I fee so guilty that I stay up at night and cry because the funny thing about kids is that no matter how much you yell at them in the morning they act like nothing happened. They still love you unconditionally. This of course makes me feel really shitty. I’m constantly working on being a better mom.

Forgiving and making excuses for my mother’s behavior for so many years. I can’t tell you how many tears I’ve shed tears (like today), how many nerves I’ve lost because of her. I use to make excuses to my kids why their grandma wasn’t coming to see them when she said she was. NOT ANYMORE! I’M DONE!

Things I would like to do/accomplish before I’m 40:

Stop smoking

Get a tattoo (or two)

Buy some kind of real estate (for investment purposes)

Move out of my current neighborhood (it’s not a bad neighborhood; I would just like something better for my kids).

Go on vacation with my friends. Girls only vacation. This has actually already been talked about and if all goes well for one week in 2017 (yes 4 years from now) me and 5 of my friends will be going on a vacation just US!!!


So there you have it. A little more about me. My husband says he feels big changes coming toward us (good things). Since he’s not a physic and I don’t believe in those anyway I still hope he’s right; we sure could use a brake for certain things.


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  1. Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy your celebrations this weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Good Luck on your journey to quit smoking.

  3. why do you dislike your mum so much? i have only read 2 of your posts ... i would have read more if not for the negativity .. you are a very good writer!