Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Mother Fucking Friday Bitches!!!

Ohh what a week! So damn hectic at work and of course I won't even start with home. I started my own blog, I’m in the process of creating a new Facebook page although Facebook is giving me such a hard time that if it was a person I would totally kick its ass even thought I’m not one to promote violence. I’m not even sure if it’s going to work or if I’ll have to delete and start from scratch. I’ll keep you posted. My home computer has been up and down for the past week also so this weekend I’m going to try to reinstall windows (I’ve never done this before so wish me luck) and try to get that fucker to work or its going to be hammer time on the computer kind of Saturday afternoon.

Since I’ve started my blog I’ve been trying to reading as many other blogs as I can. One of my favorites are, and and some others that I will talk about in my later posts. I wanted to take some time and just let you know a little why I like these 3.

Just from the title of this blog you know this is a good blog cause you know crazy shit happens at all of our houses. She’s very funny and she’s a mom of 5!!! kids and she still has time to blog and she loves Johnny Deep. Need I say more it’s Johnny Deep.

I’ve had a crush on him since I was a teenager and even thought I love my husband and what are the chances I’ll ever meet Johnny but if the stars aligned just right and well let me just say

This woman is every woman’s hero. She is a recovering alcoholic since 10/04/2011. If this was it, it would be enough. We all know someone that is either a recovering alcoholic or is still in denial. In any case admitting is hard enough and getting help and sticking to it is an amazing achievement and for that she is great. But it doesn’t stop there, after many years of trying to get pregnant she and her husband finally are and nonetheless with TWINS!!!

What can I say about this guy. He’s the greatest!!! I started following him on FB probably a month ago and than started reading his blog. He’s what every father should be or at least act like it. My husband is a good dad and I probably don’t give him credit sometimes when its due but this man bakes macadamia nut cookies!!! He also wrote a wonderful blog “Achieving Happy”….you have to read it.

BTW all three also have FB pages under the same names. So go follow them and laugh as much as I do.

So there. Those are my favorites for now but by all means make recommendations to me for any new blogs. I always love making new friends.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and let me leave you with this tinny piece of wisdom

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thank You

 I would like to say thank you to a couple of people that have passed thru my life

The ladies on the 7:00 AM train almost every morning that feel the need to talk too loud that everyone on the train can hear them (interesting part; its not the same ladies every day, sometime its even men). I mean are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! Geez its 7:00 in the morning first I don’t need to hear anyone I’m still trying to wake up and second who give a shit that some girl called your house and tried to talk to you man and you were like “oh no you didn’t and I gave her a piece of my mind cause you know I don’t play that shit”

To the assholes that try to get a free feel on the morning or afternoon train ride. I can’t stress this enough how disgusting and repulsed I am by men that try to do this. I have honestly never had this done to me directly (however this one time I was sitting on the train read my book and I look at the man sitting across from me and doing what you may ask under his big ass shirt like no one will notice….jerking off…….motherfucker I almost puked) but I’ve seen woman scream and yell and slap man for doing this. To all the men; Understand that NO woman wants to feel your dick on her while trying to get home/work. It’s stressful enough going to work or coming home after a long day than having to dodge you. The best are the assholes that think that we won’t notice if the train is crowded enough. OF COURSE WE WILL NOTICE. Anything that touches us we notice, don’t play dumb like you have no idea why we’re looking at you when we turn around and give you a hard look that says “this is a warning, next up is I will punch you so hard that you’ll never have use for that shit again”

The summer months on trains are always the best. You go from hot weather to really cold in all the trains or if you’re really lucky a very hot and sticky train. It makes the train ride so much better when puddles of sweat form on the floor. All this would be somehow tolerable and acceptable if it wasn’t for the asses that don’t bother with deodorant. I realize that the economy is hard and people don’t always have money but for the love that all human please budget in deodorant especially during the summer months. Do people not realize how bad it is when someone raises their hand to hold on and suddenly you feel very weak in the knees and pray “dear mother of God please don’t let me die from this”.

Thank you to the tourists that roam my street where I work. I work in a very “touristy” block and it’s constantly crowded. I understand these visitors are brining in money to my state but when I’m trying to walk to the train and it takes me 5 minutes to walk a block I just want them to GO AWAY!!! It’s one thing for them to be around it’s another with the constant of taking pictures of every building they pass by (seriously people have you not seen a building before, you see one you’ve seen them all), to stop right in the middle of the street so that I am left with no choice but to totally head to your back bump you and the crème de la crème when I’m standing in front of my working building and get dirty looks like “hello move I want to take a picture”. Really…fuck off this is where I work and on top of dealing with all the shit at work I don’t need your shit on top of it.

And last thank you to my kids and of course my husband. I love coming home and before I’ve had a chance to take off my shoes, coat and whatever else I have depending on the weather my little lovelies have totally bombarded my with question of; Can I have this? Can I do this? Mom, mom so today in school this….,; Mom, mom so when I was watching TV Sponge Bob did (then proceed to show me) and all I want to do is take off whatever I have on and go pee. I’ve tried to asked them to let me do that first but of course this is followed by ok no problem and they proceed to follow me throughout the house until they tell me everything. Please understand I LOVE MY KIDS and they mean the world to me and I wouldn’t change that for the world BUT sometimes I just want to pee without anyone banging on the door asking if they could have a juice box, snack, or anything else. Why am I thanking my husband you say; because as soon as I get home he’s like Oh Thank God you’re home I going to go take a nap I AM SO EXHAUSTED and he’s done while I wrestle with the kiddies and my clothes.

There are more people that I want to thank but I’ll leave that for next time.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Weekend

 I personally love the weekend (who doesn’t) and would honestly be the first one in line to vote for a 3 day weekend…most of the time, I’ll get to that in some other post. It’s a time when I get to be with my kids for a couple for hours more and when I can make them a decent breakfast instead of just cereal or toaster strudel. The weekend is also a time when we get to run most of our errands. The kids get haircuts, food shopping, laundry etc… This weekend was no exception. After waking up or should I say being poked and poked and poked by my two kids with

Kids: Mommy, mommy are you going to wake up?

Me: No, not yet give me five minutes

Kids: (10 sec later) mommy, mommy it’s been like forever are you going to wake up?

Me: What time is it? (I wear contacts and without them I can’t see the hand in front of my face)

Older Boy: It’s 9:30

Me: Alright alright I’m up.


This is them when they wake up                This is how I feel when I wake up

Now please understand when I wake up besides doing the morning things in the bathroom I like to go into my kitchen make coffee and after I’ve had my first cup do I feel ready to face the world. This is why for the most part I like to wake up before the kiddies are up so that I am completely ready what forever they have in-store for me that day. On this particular Saturday this was not the case and before I even made coffee breakfast was demanded ( pancakes with blueberries for the Big Boy and eggs for the Little One)….sometimes I wonder when is it exactly that my kids decided that they have a restaurant at their disposal. When I was growing up mom said eggs were for breakfast and that was the one and only choice…..but kids these days……ahhhh they are great!

With breakfast done we all get ready to head out shopping. First stop BJ’s….nothing eventful and thankfully the kids did not act like we just let them out of the cage like they do most of the time.

Next up Halloween Custom Store. I’m thinking its only September isn’t too early but apparently not and off we go. This is where it gets interesting. First we have to spend 40 minutes just looking at all the wonderful things a Halloween store has and of course touch EVERYTHING!!! After that it’s picking time, now in all the past years the little one has been given a hand-me-down from the older boy (I can’t see the logic in spending $20-30 per costume for something that will be worn once). So the Big Boy goes and decides he wants be a ninja and I’m like ok perfect lets go (I hate staying in one store for hours) and I’m thinking that is the end of the shopping. After we get home the Little Boy says how come I didn’t get a costume and we tell him every year you get your brothers costume and of course this year that makes him very sad and he says but I really really wanted to be G I Joe, so the next day we’re off to the Halloween store again for the G.I. Joe costume. $70 dollars later I now am a proud mom of a ninja and G.I. Joe!!!!

Just me having some fun!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Something about me

First and foremost I am a mom of two boys (ages 7 & 4). They are great...most of the time. One of the reason for the blog is they give me so much writing material I have to put it down somewhere. I'm also married for the last 8 1/2 years, although we're been together for the past 12. Our life is pretty busy with two boys and two full time jobs. I work in the insurance business (I know, I know very exciting) and hubby works from home.

I'm totally new to this blogging world and know nothing but I'm trying to learn everything as I go along. Any and all suggestions or comments on how to make it better please share. My plan is to update this blog at least once a week or at least as often as I can.

The main purpose of this blog is to express my daily life from my children to my husband and everything else in between.

All comments are very much appreciated but please don't be rude. We're all here to have fun!