Thursday, May 30, 2013

Not being able to think of a good title for this post is driving me crazy!

What’s been driving me crazy lately?
OMG I don’t even know where to start with this one.  Do you guys have time to read a book? No? Shit ok let me try to make this short.
My older son complaining to do his homework EVERY.FUCKING.NIGHT. Suck it up buttercup you’re only in 2nd grade, wait till you get to High School than you can tell me you have A LOT of homework
My younger son throwing tantrums EVERY.FUCKING.NIGHT for not giving him something sweet, for his brother not playing the games he wants to play, for eating dinner for a million other things. Dude get your shit together you’re almost 5.
Every time I ask my husband to do something that involves talking to people in English (he knows the language but acts like he doesn’t when I’m around) he gets this panicky look on his face like I’m asking him to find the cure for cancer. You’ve lived in America for over 9 years. Are you fucking kidding me? You too get your shit together!
My husband for waiting for me to do everything and then saying things like ‘you never laugh anymore”, “I never see you in a good mood”. Umm really, let’s see; why don’t you help me around the house more and then maybe I wouldn’t always be in such a shitty mood.
So much work at work lately that I have no time for blogging, Facebook or twitter. I know I know job security BUT this sucks, even my boss is complaining about all the work. Nuff said.
Facebook for sucking so much. I post something on my page and only like 20 people see it. What’s the point of having hundreds of likes if only a handful will see it?
The girl that sits in the cubical next to mine. Annoying voice, stank attitude and above all else when her son was 4 months old she was telling another co-worker that he son was so rude. Really at 4 months? Fucking drive me crazy!
White girls getting a fake tan and looking orangey. Orange is not a fucking skin color. WTF people?
The pimples on my face that have appeared lately. I’ve always had clear skin so I don’t know what the hell is going on. I’m about to take Something Clever 2.0 advice and to Proactive

Moms judging other moms. Fuck you. Stop judging. Have you guys read Insomniac's Dream lately. This is a mother struggling. She doesn't need us to judge her, I'm so proud of all that she's doing to make ends meat and to be with her boys. That's a real mother. We do anything and everything to be good moms and sometimes it only takes one asshole to judge us to make us rethink our whole strategy. Don't judge, support!
My husband is in the process of getting a new job. This would mean us moving to a whole new neighborhood. He has a really good chance of getting it BUT we don’t know when this will happen. I’m hoping it will be before the kids start school in September so they can start a new school year in a new school and it’s always better to move in the summer than during the school year. This is completely out our control but it’s still driving me crazy. I feel like we’re in no man’s land.
My period. I’m so tired of this bitch. I’ve had it for 22 years and I’m done. I’ve done my time, I would like this cry me a red river every month bullshit to stop
NY weather. One day its cold, one day it’s hot, WTF already! Make up your mind!
Celebrities making millions for doing almost nothing. Tom Cruise doesn’t deserve 20 million a movie just because he’s Tom Cruise. Fuck that shit. Millions of people are scraping by EVERY.DAMN.MONTH just to make it and these assholes are making millions just because. 
Not winning the lottery. What’s a girl got to do to win some money?! (just joking on this one but I wouldn’t mind winning)

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  1. Is it me, or is everyone getting overloaded lately? Why is there so much stuff to do??

    1. Maybe its something in the air, or just people are extra annoying :))

  2. No wonder your in a bad mood with all this going on, your list kind of put me in a bad mood too. Like sympathy bad mood (the hubby's gonna love that)

  3. On the Facebook thing: Try putting your post in a comment. Seriously-if I post a link to a blog post, hardly anyone sees it. But if I put a link in the comments to something about my post, I get a ton more people actually seeing it. It's weird but it works. It's because Facebook HATES bloggers that don't pay to promote their stuff. Jerks.

    1. I do put all my links in the comments & that does help but sometimes I post a pic and only like 15 people will see it...that sucks!

  4. Thanks for making me cry. :P

    Seems like you're dealing with quite the shit storm, too. If I win the lottery I'm taking all my bloggy friends on a fucking blogging retreat. Meaning, the beach and booze and no internet or writing.

    -The Insomniacs Dream

  5. I LOVE your comment about celebrities. My husband & I were just discussing this the other day. I love me a good time-waste movie, don't get me wrong. A little something to take my mind off of the reality of real life and how it often SUCKS . . . I'm all for it. But these celebrities are being paid as though they ARE curing cancer, and I just don't get it.

    Visiting from Theme Thursday!

    1. My thoughts exactly. I'm sure if we took some of that money from them we could maybe find the cure for cancer.

  6. I am still laughing at the rude four month old! How dare he!

  7. Once again, I love your honesty. And the period quote--I've had this bitch for 22 years--made me laugh out loud. :)