Friday, February 22, 2013

Tonight is THE NIGHT

Tonight is THE NIGHT. We’ve waited SOOO long to be together but something has always stood in our way. Just us and no one else. We haven’t been together just us in years…..YEARS! Tonight has been very carefully planned for months, weeks and days. We’ve covered everything that could go wrong. We don’t want to cancel tonight. We just want to be together. WE NEED TO BE TOGETHER! WE MISS BEING WITH EACH OTHER, JUST US, WE NEVER GET THAT ANYMORE! For a couple of sweet hours I will forget that I am married and that I have kids. I know I will feel guilty for this. Will my kids feel anything different when they get home today from school? Will they wonder where mommy is when 5:30 rolls around and I don’t come home? Will they miss me?? Will my husband remember to feed them? Who will put them to sleep? Will they cry when it’s very late and I’m still not home…will they honestly feel anything? The Truth….Tonight I don’t care (ok semi-don’t care). We just really need to see each other, its been too long!!! I sit now at work all jittery and excited like a little school girl. I’ve already started counting down the hours, minutes and seconds that we are finally together. My stomach is in knots…what if something goes wrong and we have to cancel?? Ohhpleasedon'tletanythinggowrong my heart will break. The restaurant has been picked…I’ve looked at the menu 20 times. I haven’t look at a menu in years! I did my hair and will apply fresh makeup so that I look just perfect tonight. This is all so exciting my hands are shaking just thinking about tonight. And why shouldn’t they be….TONIGHT AFTER YEARS OF BEING PULLED APART BY OUR KIDS AND HUSBANDS WE ARE FINALLY HAVING A GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!! There will be eating, drinking, laughing, trash talking. The words husband, kids and job will not be allowed. Tonight we will eat whatever we want, when we want and no one will interrupt us. We will not pick up anyone's fork, spoon, spilled juice, thrown food. Tonight we will not feed anyone, we will not beg anyone to eat. Tonight is ALL about just US!! Me and my wonderful friends!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Something Clever 2.0 called me out on Twitter…on Twitter!!! for this weeks #ThemeThursday. I honestly wasn’t planning to write a post this week but when someone calls you out on a social network, I mean I have to, what will people think of me if I don’t (cause I really care) but mostly you challenge I accept.

So the reason I wasn’t going to do a post was the topic…what do you love?? What the hell does she mean? Love as in my kids, husband, family & friends or love like chocolate, ice cream, days off from work….this woman needs to be more specific (she was I just didn't pay attention at first). Then I went back to read her #ThemeThursday page (I needed more insight) and read where she specifically said no love for people in my life….shit this is going to be hard. Now I have to think about what to write. I can’t just write meaningless shit, after all it’s about LOVE….think think think….

FUN., that’s who I LOVE, and no not fun as in that was a fun night we had, NO NO NO NO FUN. like the indie pop band. These guys are awesome! Now let me give you a little background info on me so you’ll understand my excitment. For the last 16 or so years I’ve listened to nothing but music from my country. NO ENGLISH….NOTHING (unless I heard it on a commercial)!!! Just recently (about 2 months ago) I was in my car driving somewhere and I got bored of listening to my CD so I switched to the radio. I completely shocked/surprised myself I even knew how since I haven't used it since the late 90's. Anyway I turn it on and I was amazed. There’s some good songs out there….Good job American!!! One of the first songs that caught my ear was “We Are Young”; at the time I didn’t know who sang it all I knew was I LOVE THIS SONG!!! and then I watched The Grammy’s (another thing I HAD NEVER DONE) and there they were FUN. singing their songs and OHMYGAWD, my heart be still IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT and then they WON two Grammies….so now you know they're good. And so my LOVE (OBSESSION) began. So like any new love steps must be taken to ensure that the LOVE lasts, I’ve bought their latest CD “Some Nights”, I've Googled them daily for new info and pics of them (Nate, lead singer), I’ve listened to them for maybe 1, 2, 100 hours already and not to mention I don't think there are any videos on YouTube left that I haven't watched….when I LOVE I really LOVE. I love their songs, I love their energy, I love the lead singer (don’t judge I know I’m married just let me have this, its not like something is going to happen).
Ohh and I almost forgot to tell you they’re coming to NEW YORK in July and after trying VERY HARD (apparently I'm not the only one that LOVES them...sluts) to get tickets I FINALLY GOT THEM!!!



The Smile That Melts Hearts!!!

Deamy Nate!!!

**Now that I've promoted the shit out of them I would like something in return. Nothing big...all I want is to meet Nate. So if any members or managers of Fun. are reading this please contact me!! I promise I'm not some lunatic fan.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013


You probably guessed by the picture above that me and Valentine’s Day are not friends. If you are & are looking for mushy things for me to say about it now is probably a good time to stop reading.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day cause I’m single and I don’t have anyone to buy me anything or anyone to go out with or cuddle with. Even if I was all of the above I wouldn’t dislike V-Day for those reasons. No, no, no. I’m married and for most of the years that I’ve been married my husband has always bought something, even thought I’ve told him a millions times not too, it just seems like a total waste of money. The reason I hate Valentine’s Day is because


It’s just a way to boost the economy.

* A dozen of roses $100, on a regular day $12….holyasswhatthefuck!!!

* A box of chocolates $20, on a regular day $5….say it with me….jeezusmotherofgawd is the economy not bad enough…this is why people are filing for bankruptcy

* Everything is red and rosy and heartsy for like 3 weeks in ALL THE STORES. I swear after V-Day is over I can’t stand the color red until May.

* We made the mistake of going out one year for V-Day. We waited for like 45 min to be seated only to be given a “Fixed Menu”, translation: crappy menu; about 5 things to get; all crappy below average meals, I think McD’s had better choices than this place not to mention our bill was outrages!

Don't misunderstand, I am romantic. I love romantic things but I don't need a "day" in a year to do it & I don't need someone to tell me when to do it. My husband and I do it when we have time, we show each other that we love each other everyday (unless we're mad at each love than).

I just never understand what’s all the hype about it? Shouldn’t you show your partner you love them everyday? Why does spending $200 on roses and candy show me my husband loves me? Let me tell you what tells me that he loves me; cleaning the dishes, taking the kids sometimes so that I can have some “me time”, a hug and kiss in between a hectic day. Being a shitting person all year long & than doing something for V-Day doesn’t make for a good relationship. I know how much my husband loves me & I know where we have issues. Nothing he or I can do on V-Day that will change that. The only thing V-Day does is boost the economy & frankly with two kids I’m in no mood to boost the economy with a box of Rose Chocolates.

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