Thursday, November 29, 2012

Get Me In The Mood...

As usual I went to bed last night exhausted. It was 10 and because I had decided to color my hair and my husband “couldn’t” put the kids to bed they had to wait for me till 10. As I was leaving hubs asked if I was coming back after they fell asleep and I said NO I’m tired which in turn he gave me a sad face that said “really I’m not getting any tonight” and he said but you go to bed early every night which made me think about a few things. Now don’t get me wrong I love my husband. If I had to do it all over again I would still chose him (probably, no seriously I would chose him...most likely). Yes he does a lot of things that annoy/get me mad but he also does so many sweet things and it reminds me why I picked him. With that said I decided to compile a list of things that my husband and probably any husband can do and also not do to get his wife in the “mood”.

Hint: Its the little things that matter guys


  1. Put the kids to bed. I get my kids to bed at 9 PM 99% of the time from Sunday – Thursday. On the weekends we let them stay up a little bit longer. Now my older one falls asleep right away. 2 minutes and he’s out. The little one is still in daycare and takes a nap during the day which means putting him to bed at 9 actually turns into 10, 10:30 before he’s asleep. That means I'm sitting next to him in the room waiting for him to fall asleep so I can get things done around the house. After sitting there for 1 ½ hrs I’m tired and all I want to do at that point is also go to sleep.
  2. Washing the dishes before I come home from work. When I get home at 5:30 I like to start dinner right away. There is almost nothing that makes me go more crazy than when I see the sink FULL of dishes waiting for me when I get home. This means I have to wash the dishes first before I can start dinner and from that point everything gets pushed back and my mood is usually ruined. My husband works from home so he CAN do them before I get there.
  3. Clean up the house a little before I get home from work. Now I’m not asking for full cleaning that includes vacuuming & dusting. All I’m asking is that if there are toys, juices boxes, plates and cups all over the living room just pick them up. This is a 5 minute job that really means a lot.
  4. Take the kids out of the house on the weekends. Again I’m not asking for every weekend just sometimes. It would really help me if he took them out on a Saturday for say 4-5 hours so that I could clean the house nicely and still have time for myself and it would do a wonder for my mood.
  5. Make dinner sometimes. Now I know a lot of men don’t know how to cook or hate to cook or think cooking is a woman’s job but trust me cooking a meal once in a while so I don’t have to every night would be wonderful. My husband is not the greatest cook but he can make a meal or two and when he does it’s almost a guarantee that he’s getting some. The problem is that he cooks like once a year or once every two years. More often would be better like once a month. Also for men that don’t know how to cook I’m sure you wife can show you a meal or two you could make that is simple.


  1. SLEEPING IN EVERY WEEKEND. My husband likes to stay up late on the weekends which means he usually sleeps till 11. By the time he wakes up I’ve already been up for a least 4 hours and breakfast has been cook and served, dishes done, house somewhat clean and I’m pissed as hell cause I HAVE TO DO IT EVERY TIME. I would love to sleep in every once in a while (AKA more than once every 2 years). Also if you happen to let your wife sleep in please take care of the kids. This means when I wake up at say 10 or 11 the first thing I don't want to hear is mommy we're starving daddy hasn't give us anything to eat.
  2. AFTER WAKING UP SPENDING ALL YOUR TIME IN FRONT OF THE TV OR COMPUTER. This goes back to number 1 when hubs finally wakes up he usually spends most of the day in front of the computer or TV if we don't have to go outside for something & expects me to do EVERYTHING and than once night time comes he’s like put the kids to bed so you know what. I just look at him like ARE YOU ON FUCKING CRACK. All day you haven’t done shit and now you expect something and you couldn’t even be bothered to help me out….HELL NO!!!
  3. FEELING ME UP. Let me clarify this. Feeling me up while I am cooking, washing dishes or cleaning is not going to get me in the mood it will have the opposite affect and contrary to what men think grabbing my boobs while I’m doing house chores is not something that every women likes.
  4. DOING A DANCE FOR ME TO GET ME IN THE MOOD. Let me clarify this. Last night my husband thought that in order to get me in a better mood he would do a dance for me. A sort of strip dance but with all the clothes still on cause the kids were somewhere in the house. This so annoyed me. I had just spent 5 minutes explaning to him that I was tired and going to bed and that I was tired BECAUSE I had been up since 5:30 that day, I had worked all day, came home washed dishes, made dinner, gave the kids a bath and cleaned the house a dozen times and had to wake up early the next day so that I could do the dishes again since I was tired at that moment to do them. Dancing for me is NOT HELPFUL. What would have helped?? If he had said let me put the kids to bed and than do the dishes for you so that you can actually relax a little. 
There you go. My mini list of Do’s and Don’ts to get me in the mood.

Oh and BTW when I woke up this morning he had washed the dishes (maybe he can read my mind), so yeah he’s probably getting some tonight.


  1. My husband just took our kid out on the weekend without me for the first time ever. It was AWESOME! I need more of that. So much more.

    1. My husband did that like twice in the last 7 YEARS!!! and those times were wonderful...I miss those days.

  2. I hate when I'm getting my boobs grabbed or grinded on when I am trying to clean or cook. It irritates me! What porn has these men seen where if you do this the woman will drop everything and do you right there on the kitchen floor/washing machine!?

    1. You said it PORN. This does not happen in real life and no matter how many times I've told him how annoying it is he's somehow convinced that something is wrong with me and that I should enjoy it.

      Its good to know I'm not the only woman frustrated by this.