Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why I love / hate Christmas

Why I love/hate Christmas

It’s December so what does that mean? Well if you live in New York like me here’s what it means:
-  The weather is getting colder; big jackets, gloves, ear muffs, hats and scarf’s are coming out.
-   People are so over Thanksgiving and some are looking forward to Christmas
-  The turkey decorations come down and Santa Clause and Snow Flakes go up
-  Kids start making demands what they want for Christmas

So how do I feel about Christmas, mostly I love it but part of me hates it.

Why I Love Christmas

  1. The decorations – I love the store displays. Some stores really go all out for the holidays. The lights just memorize me and the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. It really is a sight to see.

The sales – Around the holidays there are always sales everywhere. It’s probably one of the best times to save money. You can get things for Christmas but also  for the whole year that you will need for a lot less

My kids faces on Christmas morning – Nothing beats there excitement. I can’t even get them to wash their face or pee before they make a run for the Christmas tree. This is probably one of the few days out of the year where they don’t ask me a question every 5 minutes. They're so preoccupied with all the new things I can actually enjoy a cup of coffee.

Days off from work -  Need I say more about this

Why I Hate Christmas

Rude people – The holidays can bring out the best but also the worst in people. Shoppers are the worst. They push, shove and have absolutely no consideration for anyone but them selves like they’re the only ones trying to get a toy for their kid.

The tourists – This goes back to my earlier post about all the tourists where I work. I guess many people take off during the holiday season and they ALL come by my job so as usual it takes FOREVER to walk a block.

Money – This is for Christmas tree, Christmas decorations (you can use the old ones for only so long) and lets not forget the presents. Long gone are days of $10-15 gifts for a kid and you were done. Kids these days have huge list of what they want. Of course they aren’t getting all those things but nevertheless since we don’t buy our kids many toys during the year we kind of go overboard for Christmas. For example this year we are spending about $400 per child. $800 for Christmas…yes I hate Christmas, but I guess that’s mostly our fault for spending that much, although I like to look at it if there wasn’t Christmas I wouldn’t have the need to spend all that money, so its Christmases fault.

There it is. My reasons. I mostly do love Christmas. I love how much my kids get excited about Christmas. I love our Christmas Tree and I love that I get spend the holidays with my own little family.

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  1. I try to avoid adding up how much we spend on the boy because it's scary, but those eyes lighting up are worth it.

  2. I love Christmas too! The decorations. The festive mood, the kids on Xmas morning. Love it! Fun post! But, yeah, the money and crowds: ick.

  3. I think I might like Christmas if I lived somewhere like New York.

    The only reason I even make an effort at celebrating is because of my boys.

    1. I'm really not a "New Yorker" but I must admit New York really does have spectacular tree and store decorations.

  4. I have never been to NYC, but I think it would be fun this time of year. (I romanticize it in my head anyway.) I choked on my coffee when I read how much you will be spending per child! (Mine is under a year old, so I haven't reached the Wishlist realm.)

    1. NYC is a fun place to come for the Holidays. "To Come" being the main words, when you live and work here there's almost no time to do the "tourist" thing and see everything that the city has to offer.

      Consider yourself lucky that your child is under 1. I remember those days. I could spend $20 and buy 4 little toys and either of them were happy when they were that small. Oh and don't worry you're not the only one choking on your coffee. I did also when hubs suggested what we should get them for Christmas. It really is crazy, I can't wait for them to grow up so they can start asking for BMW's....I'm going to have to rob a bank.

  5. I hear you with the $ issue...we don't have our own kids to buy for yet but it seems like we buy for more and more people every's crazy business!

    1. The toys companies never have a bad year. Its like no matter how bad the economy is kids are always getting toys. There's a stock to invest in.