Friday, October 12, 2012

My Kids, My World

It’s Friday and lets me honest no one wants to be at work. So it was around 2 in the afternoon, I was pretty much done with my work for today (or at least as much as I was planning to do) and when I’m bored with nothing to do I go surfing the net. I have my usual places that I like to go and one of them is As soon as I opened it one of the first stories that I saw was this.

I opened it up and started reading it and let me tell you it almost made me bless my work table in a way that no one would want to see.

I’ve been a mom for the past 7 years to two boys. Throughout that time there have been some really good times and some really bad times. I’ve spent I can’t remember how many nights not sleeping, cleaning up vomit of the floor, couch, bed and other objects in my home. My house has been shitted and pissed on more times and places than I care to mention. There have been times when I was so stressed out I was beside myself as to what to do. It can get very frustrating when your baby is up at 3 in the morning and no amount of rocking, singing, feeding, changing or anything else can make him stop screaming like someone was tearing out his skin. It can be very nerve wrecking 1) because as a parent we just want to be there for our kids and make all bad things go away and 2) because damn it we want to sleep.

Now that they are older I have to deal with the 7yr olds constant homework. Almost every night when I say homework time it's “mom my stomach hurts, head hurts, arm hurts and other body parts (he’s creative that he doesn’t use the same thing everyday), or “mom, I’m so tired I can’t keep my eyes open” and of course the ever “I HATE HOMEWORK, STUPID HOMEWORK, WHY DO I HAVE TO DO IT?” My 4yr old is still in his tantrum throwing faze (how long do these last???) so I get a daily dose of “I hate you or I don’t love you anymore” every time I don’t give him something he wants. My precious little angel.

On the other hand there have been some wonderful times. When my kids first started walking, I'll never forget their first steps. I was so happy and scared that they would fall. The first time they said “mama” and even now 7 years later I sometimes stop and my heart is filled with love every time they say mom. I love how their brains are developing and the questions that they ask. I’m taken back sometimes with some of the things that they say or ask and I’m like “how did you even know that?” It makes me realize that they’re growing up and they’re looking to me and my husband for answers and sometimes we know them and sometimes we don’t but they’re our kids and we’re trying our best. I feel completely blessed to have my two boys. I love my kids more than anything in this world and I wouldn’t change one single thing. Yes there are hard times but there are so many wonderful times and my kids mean the world to me. I chose to have them. I didn’t have to but I wanted them and I’m willing to sacrifice sleep, a clean house and free moments all to myself just for them.

So when I opened up and saw this article the anger and nauseating feelings that came over me were just too much. This woman tortured her child to the point of almost killing her. The article says that she glued this little (2yrs old) girls hands to the wall because of trouble with potty training. Really potty training???? My 4yr old didn’t go potty till he was 3 ½ and my older didn’t want to do #2 in the toilet till he was past 4. The mother said she was under a lot of stress and just wanted some alone time. Really like that’s any different than what we all want??? I get it 5 kids can be a lot. I have 2 and it’s sometimes a lot but that’s no excuse to beat the shit out of them. Go to the bathroom, have wine (lots and lots of wine or something even stronger) but do not as the District Judge said “savagely beat” your kids. I’ll admit I have spanked my kids a couple of times when they got really out of control but never “kicked my kids in the stomach, beat them with a milk jug and than clued their hands to the wall with Super Glue” like the mother did. She says she’s not a monster but to me only a monster can do things like that to their own kids. Say what you will but I’m glad she got 99 years in jail and hope she never sees the light of day and that those kids get someone who loves them and can show them that life can be full of love, laughter and joy and not a parent that uses drugs at least twice a day even thought she doesn’t have enough money for food and rent.

I don’t like to judge other peoples lives, everyone lives the way it fits best for them. What works for me might not work for you but this article just bothered me so much I had to share my feelings.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to pack up my stuff for the day and go hug and kiss my kids, tell them that I love them!!! After that open up some wine and get ready for another fun filled weekend!!!


  1. That article made me feel so sick! I won't lie. I get extremely judgemental when it comes to mothers who abuse, neglect, or abandon. Being a mother is difficult at times, but the wonderful moments make it all so worth it. Some women just shouldn't have kids. Those poor babies. :(

    1. I completely agree. I just can't handle abuse. Parenting is a hard job but we choose to be parents so if a person chooses to be a parent they should do the best job they can. This woman was not anywhere near best but one of the top spots for worst.