Monday, October 15, 2012

Ahhh its Monday!!!!

Why do people say good morning on a Monday? What is so great about Monday? Yes I know, I’m alive, my kids are alive, blah blah blah. Let me tell you why saying Good Morning on a Monday is not such a good idea.

On Saturday my kids woke me up early. It was before 8 AM. During the weekdays when I wake them up for school it’s like pulling a tooth not just a tooth but more like a wisdom tooth but on the weekends they wake up early (I swear I think they plan this as a payback). So we’re up before 8 AM. I stumble to the bathroom to put my contact lenses so I don’t mistake the salt for sugar. I’ve barley had two sips of coffee and the joys of my life have already started with demands. Mom when is breakfast, what’s for breakfast, mom can I play you phone. Mooooommmmm I had the remote control first tell him to give it back!!!! I try to ignore them by chanting to myself “you are alone”. However when you have a kid in your face saying mom, mom, moooommmm you just realize you will never be alone again. Breakfast done and they are dressed we had off to not 1 but 3 different stores for food shopping. While we’re driving from one store to the next the 7yr old is complaining how many more stores, are we done yet, Ohhhmygawd are you kidding me I can’t take another store, I want to go home. While the 4yr old is all let’s go to another store, more stores yeeaaahhh!!! I’m not sure how these two are related.

When all shopping is done we head home. I attempt to give them lunch while trying to clean up the house for what feels like 100th time today and we haven’t even been home for that long. I’m not sure but I’m sure I’ve told them many many times that all plastic wraps, plastic bottles and any other garbage should be thrown in the garbage NOT ON THE FLOOR. Yet I always find flattened water bottles on the floor. I think they think if they make them flat enough they will disappear into the floor….WRONG mommy has to pick them up.

So after lunch, cleaning up, washing dishes and the kids begging me to make jello I’m going to try to relax. At the point hubs gets the hint and takes them out for an hour. A hole hour people, the house to myself. So I think what should I do, drink coffee without intereptions, take a bath, watch a movie…NOPE I DO WHAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT THIN TO ME….SLEEP. I slept during the day!!! I haven’t done that since the early 2000’s.

Now please understand that I love my friends. I cherish my friendship that I have formed years ago with them. Its only a few of us but we can talk to each other about anything and the friendships are forever. However there are just times when I don’t feel like going to one of their houses. Nothing against them I just want to put my kids to bed early on a Saturday and maybe watch a movie. Of course I feel guilty when my friend calls and says come over so we pile into the car and we’re off. The good part about going to a friends house at night…..mommy doesn’t have to cook dinner. Truth be told I had a nice time. She has kids my own kids age and they all played together for hours and left me and her to catch up on all the gossip and complaining.

On Sunday we went to the mall for 5 HOURS. That’s right the hubs and I took 2 small kids to the mall for 5 hours. To be honest I’m not sure how we survived either. Probably because my husband had the good sense to search the whole mall till he found one of these.

After I got home cleaned again and started dinner. At this point hubs friend calls and says he needs help with something so of course being a good friend he goes off to help him while I’m lucky enough to stay home with them. I have got to find friends that need my help. So all is going well. Dinner is going to be on time, than bath and last off to bed. When holy hell I remember the 7yr old didn’t do his homework. Why did I leave this for the last moment….oh that’s right because I’m so darn tired on Friday that I can’t imagine doing homework. So I pry him away from his video game. He finishes homework, they eat dinner, bath time and off to bed and I finally get to be in bed some time after 12. I’m up this morning at 6 to wash the dishes that I couldn’t last night, iron their and my clothes and wake them up and here I am at my glorious job.

Of course I’m tired and of course I have a shit load of work. I can’t even catch up on my mommy blogs.

Here’s to another wonderful week and please DO NOT SAY GOOD MORNING ON A MONDAY!!!


  1. Newest follower here! I found you through the Friday blog hop! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Thanks & welcome! I'm looking forward to writing more!!