Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reality Show - My Secret

I have a confession and a secret to tell.

I was this close to not writing a post this week for Theme Thursday. Not because I have nothing to say about this weeks topic cause I have a lot but because I’ve been way to busy like crazy fucking busy, like I have no time to pee busy. See my husbands back when out over the weekend so I’m working from home this week. Now some of you may think great she gets to stay home and get paid and while that is true let me tell you it's not a picking and nothing to be jealous of. Having a husband who almost can’t get out of bed for most of the morning every morning for the past 4 days means I have to get the older kid ready for school, I have to prepare lunch when he gets home and the little one has been staying with me since I don’t have the time to take him to daycare and hubs just can’t. On top of that I have my usual things that I do…make dinner, do homework, showers not to mention I have my job that I have to do from 8-4:30. Oh and it's great when I’m super super busy at work having the 4 year old sitting on top of me demanding things. Needless to say its been a very exhausting week. Just last night I didn’t get to sleep till past one cause I was working on work stuff. So now it's 11:30 on a Wednesday night and I'm trying to do this post because you see here’s my secret

I LOVE REALTY SHOWS….well some, actually mostly just one….THE BACHELOR/BACHLORETTE/BACHELOR PAD franchise.

I absolutely love that show. On Sunday one of the couples on the Bachelorette actually made it, the shows been on the air for like 10 years and this is the third wedding from ALL the couples so this is huge and very rare.

Don’t get me wrong on why I love watching the show. It's not that I believe these people will find everlasting love and even though I’m a hopeless romantic I know these people will most likely not find it. 97% don’t. How could you, there is one guy/girl and they have to chose out of 25 girls/guys in 6 weeks while making out with most of them. Seriously this is not a way to start of the relationship.

So why do I love it?
I love it because of the places this shows takes the people. Some of them are amazing. The beaches are my favorites.
I love it because truthfully I love seeing people making total fools of themselves. These men and woman are crying into the first 3 episodes after they get eliminated because they  feel something strong, how this was their last chance at finding love, how they could see themselves falling in love with the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Give me a fucking break. I think most of them are pissed of they didn’t get to visit more places. It’s impossible to find love after 3 weeks while 20+ people are competing for the same person, but its definitely fun to watch.

I love the suspense of seeing who the Bachelor/Bachlorette picks at the rose ceremony. I'm not too proud to admit that I've yelled at the TV screen when they've pick someone I don't like or when they send a good person home...this is my version of Sunday Football.
I also love when they break up go back on the show and cry to the host that they can’t believe its over, how they didn’t see it coming, how they really thought this person was the one oh and by the way they would totally do Bachelor/Bachlorette all over again because they believe in true love and they are confident they will find it this time…yeah right and I just won the mega million; so now we’re all happy.

I also secretly wish I was on the show if I was younger, not married and didn’t have kids. Again not to find love but to go to these amazing places. This show is a perfect opportunity for anyone who loves to travel to do it for free. Forget who the Bachelor is. I have no interest in finding love on a TV show. I’m not that stupid to think it could work.

So there’s my secret. I get so excited when new seasons start. New faces, new morons to make fools of themselves, lots and lots of crying and although I love all three shows I definitely prefer when the men is a Bachelor. Woman are cruel and they are not afraid to show it on national television nor are they too proud to make total asses of themselves....constantly.

How could not love watching a show likes this. You can't get this kind of entertainment in real life. By the way for this season the Bachelor ends up picking her at the end of the show after she was a complete physcho the whole season. Oh surprise it didn't work out...shocked I know.

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  1. You know there's a whole channel about traveling, right? ;)

    1. Haha...but this show has travel and fighting and tears and people acting like total asses on TV. Got a travel show for me with all of that?