Monday, September 24, 2012

The Weekend

 I personally love the weekend (who doesn’t) and would honestly be the first one in line to vote for a 3 day weekend…most of the time, I’ll get to that in some other post. It’s a time when I get to be with my kids for a couple for hours more and when I can make them a decent breakfast instead of just cereal or toaster strudel. The weekend is also a time when we get to run most of our errands. The kids get haircuts, food shopping, laundry etc… This weekend was no exception. After waking up or should I say being poked and poked and poked by my two kids with

Kids: Mommy, mommy are you going to wake up?

Me: No, not yet give me five minutes

Kids: (10 sec later) mommy, mommy it’s been like forever are you going to wake up?

Me: What time is it? (I wear contacts and without them I can’t see the hand in front of my face)

Older Boy: It’s 9:30

Me: Alright alright I’m up.


This is them when they wake up                This is how I feel when I wake up

Now please understand when I wake up besides doing the morning things in the bathroom I like to go into my kitchen make coffee and after I’ve had my first cup do I feel ready to face the world. This is why for the most part I like to wake up before the kiddies are up so that I am completely ready what forever they have in-store for me that day. On this particular Saturday this was not the case and before I even made coffee breakfast was demanded ( pancakes with blueberries for the Big Boy and eggs for the Little One)….sometimes I wonder when is it exactly that my kids decided that they have a restaurant at their disposal. When I was growing up mom said eggs were for breakfast and that was the one and only choice…..but kids these days……ahhhh they are great!

With breakfast done we all get ready to head out shopping. First stop BJ’s….nothing eventful and thankfully the kids did not act like we just let them out of the cage like they do most of the time.

Next up Halloween Custom Store. I’m thinking its only September isn’t too early but apparently not and off we go. This is where it gets interesting. First we have to spend 40 minutes just looking at all the wonderful things a Halloween store has and of course touch EVERYTHING!!! After that it’s picking time, now in all the past years the little one has been given a hand-me-down from the older boy (I can’t see the logic in spending $20-30 per costume for something that will be worn once). So the Big Boy goes and decides he wants be a ninja and I’m like ok perfect lets go (I hate staying in one store for hours) and I’m thinking that is the end of the shopping. After we get home the Little Boy says how come I didn’t get a costume and we tell him every year you get your brothers costume and of course this year that makes him very sad and he says but I really really wanted to be G I Joe, so the next day we’re off to the Halloween store again for the G.I. Joe costume. $70 dollars later I now am a proud mom of a ninja and G.I. Joe!!!!

Just me having some fun!!!

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