Monday, January 28, 2013

Why do “Fans” shit on the Pages they like???

I’ve been at this Blogging/Facebook/Twitter business for a couple of months now. There’re a couple of reasons why I started doing all this. One I really liked what other people had to say & secretly I like to share my ideas with others….in secret of course (I keep my page, blog and twitter away from friends and family, it’s one aspect of my life that no one really knows about). I also like to see what other people have to say. I’m noisy. I love the funny pics and stories other people tell. So I was surprised when I first saw that people were saying negative things about the pages they “liked”. Why would they do that? Why like a page and then talk shit about it. What’s the point of this? Are there people out there that have nothing better to do with their lives? Are they that bored that they go looking for page admins to make comments that they don’t like and then attack them? Why not just ignore comments that you don’t agree with? There are many things that I see other page admins say that I disagree with, comply dislike what they said or think they are complete idiots and assholes for saying such things but I have never and will never say anything negative…Why?? Because everyone has their opinion and even thought my idea doesn’t go with someone else’s that doesn’t give me the right to trash that person and tell them exactly how I feel cause you know I’m right and you’re wrong. NO, I’m not right and NO that page admin is not right but we all have our own opinions and its their page/blog and they have a right to say what ever they want. That’s the whole point of have a Facebook Page, a Blog or Twitter…to express your ideas and thoughts. Not to please people. So this goes out to all the negative people


If you so disagree with someone’s post just simply unlike their page, stop reading their blog and stop following them on Twitter. You are not obligated to like a page. It’s voluntary! So do us all a favor and just STOP! It really does ruin it for everyone else and not every page admin has thick skin they could take a beating day after day. Don’t be a bully. Hell we’re teaching our kids not to bully and than we do the same.

I don’t have a following like some other page admins so I’ve been very lucky not to have anyone bash me but I’m sure one day some ass will. I can only hope that it doesn’t. I hope all the people that “like” my page will be just as nice as they have been until now and I hope I haven’t offended anyone with this post that they will stop reading my stuff but if I have that means they are one of the people that like to say bad things and I’m glad they are no longer part of my circle.

Page admins are just regular people and we have enough shit to deal with in our personal life that we don’t need it from strangers. We go to our blog, Facebook Page and Twitter just to vent, express ideas and share funnies…..DON’T BE AN ASS!!!

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